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Alberto Franco Quantek

A seasoned financial professional with a reputation for achieving strong results for hundreds of clients throughout his career, Alberto Franco has earned a reputation for his ability to recognize the signs of a smart investment.

Until 2009, Alberto Franco served at Quantek Asset Management, LLC in Miami. At Quantek Asset Management, Franco worked closely with investors who joined teams of underwriters to fund loan opportunities for well-known and emerging companies in Latin America. Many of the organizations maintained headquarters in Mexico, but South American companies located in such countries as Chile, Colombia, and Brazil were also included in the loan portfolios managed by Quantek Asset Management. In addition to the excellent returns paid to Quantek Asset Management investors during Alberto Franco’s tenure, investors benefitted from multiple offering structures that included a fund comprised entirely of collateralized loans and another that encompassed a variety of financial instruments.

As one of the major players to launch Miami-based Quantek Asset Management to worldwide acclaim, Alberto Franco actively managed client relationships to ensure that investors and potential underwriters became aware of new opportunities to invest, as well as any changes to their existing Quantek Asset Management investments. Moreover, Alberto Franco’s role at Quantek Asset Management required that he examine political events and other factors that might affect economic conditions in the countries in which the hedge fund manager held loans.