Alberto Montiel

Out of the Box Thinker in Reus, España

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I was born near the old city of Köln in a winter of the mid-sixties.

World citizen. contradictory, paradoxical, and a little tending to cause some discomfort with my words, perhaps because of excessive sincerity.

Atypical Geek, halfway between the sciences and humanities, numbers and letters, would highlight a certain facility to identify trends.

In recent years I live a nomadic life, also in the intellectual, observing how new ideas replace old ones, just as landscapes and faces change for the traveler. As a pragmatic philosopher I try to evaluate the strength of some of the new ideas and trends.

If you have an ambitious project, of those that qualify you as utopian, tell me, because we may be on the same wavelength. The world advances pushed by the mavericks and the misfits, those who do not believe that things are fine as they are, so they rebel against it.

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