Alberto Moreno Utrilla

What I do: I find technology SOLUTIONS for business needs.
What I know: I have one foot in TECHNOLOGY (Degree in Physics, MIT certified developer, SAP expert)...
...and the other in BUSINESS. (Sales and Logistics consultant in Accenture. MDB in ESIC).
Ho I do it: First I set clear OBJECTIVES, then I draw a plan and finally I design and support.
Which tools: My specialities are SAP and the digital world but CHANGE always motivate me to improve.
The secret: After working in international and diverse projects the most valued asset for me are good COMMUNICATION skills.

And about me:

Addicted to books, traveler, scuba diver, mountaineer, gamer, martial artist, tech geek

and above all family lover. Kisses for you B&L.

In live as in work the key is to keep your PASSION burning.