Alberto Preato

Alberto Preato is an Italian architect and urban planner. Over the last five years he has been involved in a wide array of International Cooperation projects ranging from the response to disaster-induced displacement in Haiti and Colombia, to the field of urban and regional planning in Nicaragua and Morocco, to post-flooding resettlement projects and the implementation of decentralization policies in Mozambique. He researched on the existing relations between migration and human settlements in the trans-boundary region of Parc W, between Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso (published in Atlas Antropologique: La Peripherie du Parc W, Oct2010) and about the humanitarian coordination mechanisms in “The Architecture of Humanitarian Aid, from donation to project implementation” (master thesis) focusing on the operational effects of the 2005 UN Humanitarian Reform.

He is currently on a UN mission in Haiti, appointed E-Shelter and CCCM Cluster Field Coordinator for IOM, International Organization for Migrations.