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Alberto Prieto

New York City

Alberto Prieto has been a guest speaker at Colleges and has been interviewed a number of times at CNN en Espanol and Telemundo. With a background in the International arena, Alberto Prieto, launched Bilingual Resources, to meet the needs for bilingual personnel nationwide. Alberto brings his expertise in identifying, coaching and placing professionals in Finance, Banking, Fashion, Advertising, Public relations, Law firms and other industries.

The key to Alberto's success has been his belief in investing time in building relationships. His relentless energy in providing Career and Life Coaching to candidates over the past 20 years has rewarded him in establishing relationships with hundreds of International and Global companies. He received his BBA from Bernard Baruch College. Specialized in International Marketing and Psychology.

Now as a certified Life/Career Coach and NLP Practitioner, Alberto brings his seasoned professional experience in Talent Acquisition and Career Coaching development to a new level