Alberto Santos

My pleasure are the stories. I like short stories, old stories, crazy stories and the endless stories. I like to hear, see and dream stories. I like to write and I like to imagine them (turn them into images). There are many ways to tell stories: a joke, with blood, frame by frame, with watercolor, with a happy ending, with multi-pass rendering and a lot of more.

There are more stories than stars in the sky, but I know, just like you do, that all them are part of one story that we tell with each beat of the universe, a tale as old as the moon and fathomless as the pupil of the crow.

The path that brought me here is not very long but it seems a maze. I remember my grandmother told me long ago about a man who witnessed the emergence of a large crack in a lonely ravine. Inside, the man discovered a gallery with the most seductive treasure his eyes have ever seen. Suddenly a horseman dressed in black surprised him by inviting him to take what he wanted, the man went blind by his ambition and voraciously embraced a fortune while the crack closed forever behind him.

I remember the day we went to see the Black Swan. On our way home I told my wife that I had finally found my path.

Now I work at Hiperbox with the motiongraphics and visual effects team.
I'm on the road.

The tradition of the storytellers is longer than the memory itself. And in this game we are all beginners.