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Over three years ago on November 4, 2014, I received one of those phone calls no one wants to receive. My mother called at around 5 am saying, "Your brother was in an accident on his way to work!"

The next few months were full of sleepless nights at the hospital. He stayed in Amarillo for more than a month before being transferred to Lubbock, Texas. He was in the hospital for months, surgery after surgery.

When he finally went home from the hospital in the fall of 2015, things were a lot different.

My brother is no longer the active person I used to know. He was always going places, he loved rock concerts, working out and enjoying life. Now, he is at home. He doesn't go anywhere. He is recovering but it's a slow process.

He is no longer able to do anything for himself. Physically, he cannot walk or stand up on his own. He needs a dedicated care person 24 hours a day.

Now it's my turn to do what I can for Uvaldo Ramirez! It's my turn to find a way to help him.

This is the reason I have created this GoFundMe page. My brother is in need of a wheelchair-accessible van so we can take him to doctor visits and other places. A van will allow us to take him places so he can enjoy a world outside his house once again. A van will allow my brother to go to Lubbock from time to time. People who live in small towns in West Texas enjoy the big city just 32 miles away. Lubbock is the place to go, maybe to a drive-in movie. Maybe to a Texas Tech football game.

This vehicle is needed by the end of December 2017. Any money donated here will be used for the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible van, new or used.

There's so much that goes into these wheelchair-accessible van. See how one is built here. And these are so expensive. A new van will be ideal but a used one will work too.

If you can help with a donation of any amount, I will appreciate it greatly. If you know of an organization that can provide a grant for such a van, please let me know.

If you can't donate, please share my brother's web site to anyone who may want to read his story.

Thank you for taking time to read his story! May God bless your generosity!

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