Albert Choi

Entrepreneur and Software Engineer in 서울특별시, 대한민국

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Albert Choi (최충엽)

I'm a founder and chief visionary officer at the Startup Central, a virtual accelerator. As serial entrepreneurs, we accelerate startups with our more than 20 years of experiences and vast network of people.

I volunteer to many startup activities, host fireside chats with outstanding entrepreneurs and startups, give advices, mentoring, networking people etc.

In 2001 I become Chairman, President and CEO of SinjiSoft. SinjSoft developed a mobile platform software ,virtual machine (GVM), which downloads and runs games and information service apps on feature phones in 2001.

SinjiSoft provided its platform to SK telecom, the #1 mobile carrier in Korea, Samsung electronics, LG electronic, Nokia, Motorola, Sanyo in Japan. Sinjisoft provided GVM platform to Orange in Israel for their Obox service in 2002.

Gamevil( and Com2us( developed mobile games using Sinjisoft platform. Sinjisoft went public and listed on KOSDAQ in 2004.

In 1995, as a future business development team leader of KTNET, a sister company of Korea International Trade Association, from the scratch I developed business model and internet service of, a business to business international commerce service. Under my leadership and skills grew to be the #1 in the world until Alibaba( launched similar service in 1999.

In brief,

Founder & Chief Visionary , Startup Central(Virtual Accelerator for Startups)

Catalyst, Spark@DMC

Catalyst, Spark@Pangyo

Entrepreneurial Philosopher



2009-2010 UCSD Visiting Scholar

2005-2006 Vice-Chairman of Korea Venture Association

2001-2007 CEO of Sinjisoft