Albert Swanson

Web Developer, Consultant, and Writer in California

Always looking for new and/or clever ways to do things. This idea just kind of zapped me one day as I thought about it: How do I make local vicinity advertising work? I realized there would be many ideas forthcoming, but that only a few "would stick", then more than likely some sort of conglomeration occurring at some future date. What I have strewn together, is a method for allowing local advertising, that is dividable in larger or smaller segments, depending on the development of the community. We need a smaller test vicinity to isolate and see how the ideas work and also how well they are received. Once that has been proven well, then we just repeat the process with other communities, with a few being of larger size. The beauty is that no community can be left out really, and that all can be combined. It is just simple enough to function I believe.