Chris Albinson

Venture Capital in San Francisco, California

Chris Albinson

Venture Capital in San Francisco, California

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Co-founded Founders Circle Capital in 2012

Working with great entrepreneurs leading the top hyper growth startups helping them grow faster and learn from each other.

Board Member: Ninth Decimal

Investor: Pinterest, DocuSign

Investments: Ticketfly (acquired by Pandora), Elemental Technology (acquired by Amazon), Good Technology (acquired by RIM)


Co-Founded Panorama Capital ($240M post product market fit venture fund)

General Partner at JPMorgan Partners ($6.5B fund) leading tech practice

Helped grow four startups most recently as Chief Strategy Officer for Digital Island, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISLD; acquired by Cable & Wireless)

Started a $217 million corporate venture fund at Newbridge Networks (NYSE: NN)

Invested in 47 companies, including Tynt (acquired by 33Across), Belair Networks (acquired by Ericsson NASDQ:ERIC), Juniper Networks (NASDAQ:JNPR), Cambrian Systems (acquired by Nortel), Abatis Systems (acquired by Redback), Fastlane (acquired by Quest Softwart), BNI (acquired by Nortel), PixStream(acquired by Cisco), Reflectivity(acquired by Texas Instruments), Valere Power (acquired by Eltek), and Greenfield Networks (acquired by Cisco).


Entrepreneurial companies I am fortunate to work with including Pinterest, DocuSign, & Ninth Decimal.

Enjoy doing the speaker, panelist, and judge thing at Web 2.0, Milken Global Conference, GROW, UC Berkley, Banff Venture Forum, Next Generation Networks, Red Herring Top 100, Canada's Top 10 Technology Start Ups, and the Gilder's Telecosm conference.

My family, all things Canada, triathlons, Marin county (aka paradise), and University of Michigan football

Building community:

Founded C100 for Canadian entrepreneurs, Marin Internet Entrepreneurs & Founding board member of the Lark Theater

Next adventure: Looking for suggestions!

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