Albizael Del Valle

“A genuine man goes to his roots. To be radical is no more than that: him who goes to his roots. Any man who does not seek deep in his soul should never consider himself a radical. Or any man who does not contribute to the security and happiness of other men.” -Jose Marti

I am passionate, honest and very much alive! I have a deep connection with my Latin American culture, history, music and struggles. I cherish diversity and relationships founded on solidarity and good values. A few years ago I traveled to South America and I witnessed the major issues that crippled part of the magnificent continent. That day I had to make a choice; a choice that would shape much of who I am today.

I chose to live for social justice.
I chose to fight for those who have been denied the right to.
I chose to speak for those who are not heard by the ears of our societies.
I chose to live for these reasons with the most of my abilities and limitations.
I chose to live.

“There are many things that can only be seen through eyes that have cried” –Oscar Romero

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