Alan Boettcher


My musical journey began at the age of 8. Taking professional piano lessons for 12 years and haven't stopped playing since. There are so many artist influences that it would take forever to name them all but I found myself over the years taking an extreme liking to The Who, Journey, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp, Train, Alanis Morissette, Matchbox Twenty, Kid Rock , and Rob Thomas. Played in bands such as Street Hassle, Recreational Hazard, The Good Times Band, Just Us and opened up for major acts: Steppenwolf, and Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Other performances included the Bitter End and Holiday Express. Music is in my blood and is a part of me that will never leave. During my journey I have had the great pleasure of meeting many inspirational musicians and songwriters: Roger Daltry, Joan Jett, Diane Warren, Phil Ramone, Bernard Purdie, Steve Smith, Mic Fleetwood, Jerry Gaskill, Bobby Bandiera, Dave Bryant, Hugh McDonald, and Rob Paparozzi, to name a few. Not only did they inspire me but also opened my eyes to the music industry as a whole. It wasn't until the nineties when I joined an original rock band Atlantis that I discovered my true abilities and passion as a songwriter. Being told by many of my colleagues, that my writing style is comparative to that of Jim Steinman, Dave Bryant, Elton John, and Jonathan Cain is a true honor and inspiration. Writing and performing is what I love to do best. This is where I belong and I am here to stay! I owe it all to my band mates. Together we have grown as a family and formed a musical phenomenon-Waking Hebbe. Waking Hebbe is a band that tells a story about the passion and trials in each and every one of us- achieved through the deep hooks and melodies of every song. One of my goals is to become a music publisher and own a music publishing company. I am always looking to build on my team of songwriters, musicians, and producers.