Abdulla AlBorshaid


Bahraini holding a Masters Degree in I.T. Management from the University of Sunderland in England and a Bsc in Computers Networking from Napier University in Scotland. Currently reside and work in Bahrain as an FX Sales and Marketing & Dealer in one of the largest banks in Bahrain. Enjoy various sports as a player and fan (football, bodybuilding, volleyball, tennis, squash, ufc... etc. you get the point), latest geek related issues, following all economic/market news. I like movies, various music genres and video games. I also got a craze in automobiles, fishing, boating, and shooting. My proactive, down to earth, open to new cultures, ideas and lifestyles, characteristics gives me the flexibility to mingle and interact with various backgrounds. An introvert when I need to be and an extrovert when I have to be one. I'm not a paraskevidekatriaphobe (hardly even notice it), I'm a thirty-second surfer, I do allot of CAT scanning while watching TV. I think in a pound-of-cure mode I like inloviduals because I am one! Like to live life by the second, minute, hour, & DAY.

  • Work
    • National Bank of Bahrain
  • Education
    • The University of Sunderland