Artist, Educator, and Organizer in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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"Are you living life? Or simply just living?"

I am a Hmong American poet, multidisciplinary artist, activist and educator. My life long love of poetry, Hip Hop and storytelling has spawned eight albums, including Illegoalien’s ‘Blank Canvas’ and a vinyl release of my ‘Mind Full Of’ album, and one book, Lullabies for Happiness, A Manual for Love and Peace.

In addition to my contributions to numerous music, multimedia and performance projects, I have spoken and performed nationally and internationally. I am also the Executive Director Emeritus of the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT), and a recipient of MSAB’s Artist Initiative and Jerome’s Travel & Study Grant.

I am currently stranded somewhere in North America’s midwest with my stupendously fabulous partner, our awesomely adorable twin sister souls, and chill as a starry midwest spring evening, dog, Charlie.