Agata Albu

Student in Rotterdam, Netherlands

I am an international student, currently on my first year of studies towards the Bachelor in International Business and Languages in Hogeschool Rotterdam. I am not afraid of challenge and constantly searching for the new experiences. I love travelling, which helps me to be more open-minded and see the life from different angles. Myself, I am a person form multicultural environment, so I fluently speak 3 languages, which are English, Russian and Lithuanian. My previous job was working at McDonald's as a cashier. Working in service industry helped me a lot to improve my communication skills, made me more organized and responsible. In my spare time, I also did some volunteering in animal shelter and during local events in my home city. Talking about hobbies, I was into music since early childhood and complete a 7 years of musical education. I also feel passionate about photography,fashion and books. As a young, enthusiastic and creative person I seek to develop myself in many different ways and implement all of my ideas.