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Mexico... The spot to celebration. If you think you know any thing, you will seemingly desire to check up about male escorts cancun. It really is the best destination to relax on the beach, barter with locals, drink tequila, and get a tan. For the most element, Mexico is considered a relatively secure spot to check out if you will be in the safety of an all inclusive resort. Here includes further about where to recognize it. This was the attitude of Pamela Woods, just three months ago, on her trip to Mexico which was drastically different than she expected.

I dont want to be costing the resort all kinds of money and give them a undesirable reputation, so I will keep the name of the resort confidential. To discover additional info, consider looking at: bachelorette parties cancun. But what I will tell you is the story of Pamela Woods.

Pam is a loved ones girl, as she is married to a nice doctor, and has two superb daughters. Her life went in a spin three months ago, throughout her visit to an all inclusive resort in mexico. One particular of her daughers, and her husband, drove down from canada, to meet the other daughter and herself at the resort. All was well when the loved ones was with each other once again, but the second evening of mexico wasn't so spectacular.

Pamela Woods, mother of 2, was beaten and raped on the shores of the resort, by a regional mexican around 7:30pm. She left her sandals at the beach that afternoon, and remembered to go and get them after dinner. When she did not come back to the area, the kids and husband started to panic.

The threesome set out in search for her, and located her lying on the beach, bloody, bruised, and naked. This was a devistating trip for the Woods household.

This story is not supposed to be a scary or disgusting, it is intended to inform you vacationers of the threats that are there, even in a five star resort. I am not saying "Remain away from mexico", due to the fact it can be a entertaining time just take into consideration that the worst CAN occur, and it did to Pam Woods. Travel with each other, and in no way go out alone..