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Aromatherapy Boutique and Artisan Perfumery. All natural artisan perfume bottles, imported and exotic collectable gift items for the discriminating and sophisticated


I have three degrees and a strong education in biology, anatomy and physiology, and certifications in aromatherapy, massage therapy, nutrition and personal training.


I suffered a severe sports injury and was crippled for some years. After much surgery and physical therapy, it was massage and chiropractic that got me walking and moving again, and relieved my chronic pain. It was natural health, cleansing and natural nutrition that restored my health, which was much damaged by the trauma, stress, difficulties and medications. As the wounded healer, I gravitate toward energy medicine, bodywork, herbs and aromatherapy essential oils as the tools which resonate with me.

Clinical Aromatherapy & Bodywork

In my healing and in helping others I have found such relief in aromatherapy essential oils and use them in bodywork and to treat many conditions. Clinical use of essential oils with massage and bodywork strongly enhances the treatments. I blend my own bases, synergies and formulations. Having more than 20 years experience at this, I custom blend and treat intuitively as I work. My favorite synergies which I use in massage are available at The Alchemist’s Room.

Healing & Personal Growth

In my healing I was drawn to the tarot along with essential oils to heal trauma, stressed adrenals and to open channels to intuition and growth to find my way. I created a set of essential oil synergies based on the major arcana called Aromatherapy of the Tarot. I used these in meditation, readings and healing. These essential oil synergies can be used in inhalation, diffusion, incense burners, baths, sprays, amulets, stones and personal fragrance, and they are available at The Alchemist’s Room.

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