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Alchetron - the world’s first ever social encyclopedia

What is Alchetron ?

Alchetron is an innovative and performance-minded social encyclopedia that brings together all formats of information on a particular topic in to one central knowledge hub on its platform. Alchetron’s free social encyclopedia allows users to search, share and interact with content on millions of topics.

Alchetron’s Mission

Alchetron's vision is to organize the world’s knowledge in a way that makes it blazingly fast to access from anywhere in the world.

How to Use

1. You can “Google” anything with Alchetron. Simply include Alchetron to your Google search query when searching on Google.

Example: Alchetron + Search Query

Alchetron + Bill Gates = results

Remember Next time you search type Alchetron first.

What Makes Alchetron so Special ?

Convenient Hub of Information

Performance and Speed

Organized Information

Interactive and Social

Movies and Game Ratings

Detailed Biographies of People Around the World

Robust Privacy controls

Intuitive UI and Simple to Use

WorldwideCollaboration and Editing.