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Peru, Lima

It can be very difficult to define oneself , I'll try , always knowing that I am the less I know , I do not see my flaws , the more I suffer and suffer.

Physically I'm tall one meter seventy five, unruly hair , yet I have the luck to have me not to dye , but if any other channels that have left me , brown eyes and my skin is white , but I tan easily, a. always with a primary slogan "Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do or solve today."

My daily life develops monotonically , working in a small family business . My role is very varied , I'm kind of like a guy for all ground work all day , except meanings, with the increase in work I always carry the company house . Evenings and weekends , try to be fully home.

I do not usually go out much , I overwhelm riots and indoor crowded , my great amusement is my space where no one else gets , I read , I write my stuff and now this blogg , which has restructured all my schemes . By my description , I understand that I am someone alone, on the contrary , does not remember being alone in my life , I have many acquaintances, anyone to bring together as friends , in my case I am very select , for my friendship , is valuable treasure. Friends are those people who come to you without calling them , they know you better than you, just look at you know if anything happens and what to do to help . I have many of those , however I consider myself lucky that I have them , when there are many people without that kind of friendship , nor been able to find love or have lost .

My way of being , those who know me well, tell me I'm always in my world, I have to call twice or even three , to get my attention . I can be in a place with lots of noise and lots of people concentrate on a book and not perceive anything evado or just thinking about something. If I do this I talk a lot, it is very difficult for me not having anything to ever say , that does not mean I do not know how to listen , when more I learn is when I hear and I think it makes you more human , you help yourself and others . I like the natural essence of human beings, irrespective of race , culture , gender, social or sexual status .

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