Alcuin Edwards

Musician and Writer in London, United Kingdom

Alcuin Edwards

Musician and Writer in London, United Kingdom

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I am the fractured reflections in a shattered mirror. I sing, write and perform poetry. I change tears into jewels and terrors into gold. I am punk in every way.

I am Quinn Agathoni, self-published author of the novel "Ghost Army", kindly described by one critic as 'Catch 22 in the Yugoslavian Wars'. It tells the story of a group of characters seeking to escape the massacre at Srebrenica. (Punk Literature)

I am Emily Zero, performance artist, poet and lead singer of e-Cog Zero. We are often described as a "mature" band, but also as high energy American style punk with ex-Yugoslavian influences. Think Ramones meet Pankrti. The name came from my oncologist who told my GP I was at "performance level ECOG Zero" which meant the cancer didn't affect me. (Punk Performance)

I joined my first band at 21. Didn't last 'cause, like my mum, they wanted me to be a girl. I enjoyed Cambridge and met some of the best friends I'll ever know there. Sadly I was stupid about relationships. That stuff doesn't come naturally to me and I had to learn it all from books. (Punk Rock)

I am Alcuin Edwards, faceless bureaucrat with twenty-seven years of drudgery behind me at the Department of Health. I am clever and chaotic and creative. I learned what I learned at the Library before my teachers deigned to teach.I am a failed scientist who wanted to make designer drugs. I had a place at Warwick University but went to Cambridge instead and worked in a low-paid lab job. Never learned to make drugs but I can make napalm. (Punk in waiting)

Except for probability and cryptanalysis, I have no aptitude for maths. I was okay at it at school but nobody (except from Dr Whitehead, the shrink they sent me to because of other kids) realised my verbal skills are off the scale.

I am struggling with issues of identity, but I am winning that struggle at last. I am a cancer survivor and a survivor of decades of self-sabotage. Now I discover I've been living with temporal lobe epilepsy (and the psychosis that goes with it) all my life as well.

I am the surprise that my face is wrong. I am the ones who aren't there when strangers address me by other names. I am the voice the whispers in my own ears. I am the fractured reflections in a shattered mirror.

I am punk

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