Aldean Hendrickson

New Ulm, Minnesota

Aldean Hendrickson, MCL, JCL is a young canonist from the Great Plains of America. He earned his Master’s in Canon Law from the University of Ottawa and his Licentiate in Canon Law from Universite Saint-Paul/Saint Paul University in 2012. Employed by a Catholic diocese in his home state, he is looking forward to a lifetime as a student of (and hopefully someday an expert in) the laws of the Catholic Church. In the meantime he is eager to share what he has learned so far, and willing to puzzle things out in public view.

Mr. Hendrickson has a number of particular interests in the field of canon law (and extending into the concomitant field of theology): ecclesiology, especially the structure and governance of the Catholic Church; liturgy and the sacred in worship; sacred language and vernacular worship; vocation and ministerial formation; clericalism and clerical culture; the expanding rôle of laity in the Church; and ecumenical conversation and commitment.