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Ahmed El Dekny

With six years of progressively responsible experience in an educational and training support in addition to four industries in Egypt including Communications (Marketing, Advertising, and Media), Education, Customer service and HR Training..

I have had the opportunity to learn policies, procedures and the protocols necessary to strengthen customer service and client communications.

I have also sharpened my organizational skills, attention to detail and my ability to work with speed and accuracy. I have gained experience in research, writing reports, designing high impact PowerPoint presentations, I have delivered more than 1300 hours of training and teaching as well and much more. Combine all of this experience with my natural talents (writing, aesthetics, analytical problem solving, logistical planning, and research).


CRM software, Siebel Training & Development, Account Management, Sales Operations, APT, Customer Service, Content Delivery, Content Development, Instructor-led Training, Digital Media, Social Media, Online Advertising, Sales Rep Training, Training Delivery, Training Hands-on, Training Hands-on Learning.