Alden Arcé

Father, Chef, and Student in Lakeland, Florida

Alden Arcé

Father, Chef, and Student in Lakeland, Florida

I am a father, personal chef, graphic artist & Nutrition & Dietetics student living in Lakeland, Florida

Since becoming a father, food has become the second most important thing to me next to my child. From birth I have made all of the food that she has eaten (aside from mommas milk). I have made everything from baby food to the juice she drinks. I have recipes for all & can show you how to make your own.

I firmly believe that a plant based whole food diet is the way we should all live our lives. For the good of our planet our children and bodies! Cooking and baking have become my passion. I am working to instill these good habits in my next generation & so can you.

You may hire me as a personal chef for an occasion like a brunch the day after your birthday blowout or a simple or extravagant dinner for the family!

If you are interested in learning; I would love to show you how to cook, bake, or even make raw meals. What ever you would like to know, I can show! Would you like to bake a simple loaf of bread, homemade pizza, muffins or pancakes from scratch? How about a juice cleanse, smoothies, salads or vegan alternatives. Or maybe you just want to make a successful dinner! Eating healthy does not mean going hungry or compromising on taste!

If you are one of Florida's seasonal residents you may be in need of a property manager or home watch! That's where my Florida State license becomes an asset, guaranteeing that you are dealing with a trustworthy & honest individual. Before one is able to be considered a licensed Community Association Manager or CAM they must go through a Federal background check, state testing, mandatory education & continuing education every 18 months. In addition, I have my Real Estate Sales Associate License for any related needs you may have.

My past education has focused on graphic arts. I can create anything from business cards, to vinyl signs, brochures, websites or t-shirts with the ability to print on a wide range of marketing materials.

I enjoy taking photographs of nature because that's where I would rather be. If you need a photographer for any occasion from your child's birthday to your favorite car I can deliver prints that will please. Photo editing, fakery and touch up work in any fashion you desire.

You can click the button above to hire me, order prints or contact me with any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    • Hillsborough Community College