Aldhair Enríquez Morales

Aldhair Enríquez Morales that's my name. I was born in Pijijiapan city, at 10th November 1995, Aduljamit Enríquez Morales and Claudia Morales Fuentes are my parents, i have two brothers, Nestor's my oldbrother and Jairo's my little brother's name.

I was a very quiet child, who always enjoyed the sports, even now that's one of my favorite activities. When i was 5 years old i tried to ride a horse but i couldn't and the horse threw me, it was a painful fall, but despite that i love horses, they're so beautiful. When i was 6 years old i entered to primary school, in fourth grade i was accepted in the voleyball team, even i was captain, participated in many tournaments winning the first place in all of these.

I lived in Pijijiapan for 16 years, at the age of 16 years old i moved to Tuxtla Gtz. city to continue my studies and get better opportunities, i was captain of the voleyball team again and participated in a state tournament, i didn't win this time, but it was very exciting.

I used to think sing in to medical school, but it didn't work, now I'm studying Biomedical ingineering in a great universtity whit great people, is exciting to think what i can achieve, and know that i can do it.

  • Education
    • Biomedical Engineering student