Haven Aldrich

Student in Pinckney, Michigan

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Haven Aldrich is a humble and quiet seventeen year-old senior that attends Pinckney High School. He has been to his current school for just over a year now. Before he moved to Pinckney, he had spent his middle school and half of his high school time in Marquette. Haven likes to participate in sports events, such as football and baseball, and has played the oboe since he’s been twelve years old. Haven’s performance in school has always been good and his GPA (on a 4.0 scale) tends to float around 3.4 to 3.5. Haven also has held a job at Subway for the last two years. Besides school and work, he spends his free time either playing flag football with a church community in Brighton, writing, listening to music or playing video games. Haven would like to attend higher education at the University of Michigan or Michigan Tech to receive a bachelor’s degree in a computer technology/hardware. One of his passions is working with computers and building them, so he believes that a career in that field would make him happy along with paying considerably well. Haven does his best work when he is in an environment or situation he feels confident about.