In the streets my rule ツ - I'm Reggy, Nineteen, Indigo, Indie Musician, Songwriter. Started 2009.


-midnite drive
-midnite calls
-dibangunin (by the right person)
-free stuff, free samples, free free free
-naik motor berdua
-tall buildings
-strangers to talk to
-anak kecil
-going to places
-comeback home reeeaaaalllly late
-listen to stories
-orange tic tac
-being missed
-song writting
-stay up late, wake up early


-asep rokok
-serangga di gelas gw
-ngambil barang yang gak sengaja jatoh
-motor yang menghalangi jalan
-dateng telat
-ingkar janji
-tulisan jelek
-anjing buduk sok manis
-kecoa terbang minta diperhatiin
-lupa bawa sesuatu dan sadar pas jalan udah lumayan jauh
-gak punya duit
-gak punya pulsa
-sendiri (kadang2)
-people who brags
-people who doesnt take me seriously
-ada yang mau cerita trus bilang "gak jadi"
-banyak nyamuk dikamar
-lupa naro sesuatu
-impolite people


list of things that i want:
-my own house
-my own company
-a siberian husky
-thunderverb orange amp
-a steady income
-a very nice company Music

the sound of the morning hum echoing my bedroom walls waking me up every morning with the thoughts of "what a great day today, i'll be seeing you shortly"Movies

films about robots/ aliens/ huge monsters taking over civilization polished with soft sex and nudity and death to the leading man by the end of the movieTelevision

somehow i tend to avoid television lately, i dont know whatsup with thatBooks

Jurnal2 eyang putri I - VII and other cool books that i've read but wont brag about.

"From growing up to making out. From growing pains to blasting joy. From breaking up to making it on your own. Your everyday teenage drama!"