Aldor Nini

As a multi-billion dollar industry, the world of technology is speckled with influential figures who have helped shape what the internet is today. These bright young minds have the power to influence many with their innovative concepts, though the road to success is rarely an easy one.Exhibiting a passion for innovation at an early age, Aldor Nini has held several positions within the tech industry, leading him to the fulfilling career he holds today. The entrepreneur has long utilised his knowledge and skillset to create new business opportunities within the realms of content protection, digital rights management and promotions, amongst others. Today, he continues to explore new, exciting ways to explore the internet and its infinite possibilities.

Aldor’s career has seen him travel around the world. After graduating high school, he began study at Werner von Siemens School in Cologne, before eventually turning to his interest in the software development industry. While this route showed promise, Aldor received job opportunities from other companies. With this, he began his rise through the ranks, acquiring knowledge that would prove invaluable in developing the career he holds today. By his 19thbirthday, Aldor had moved into leading positions before eventually establishing his own company just two short years later. It is this ambition that aids Aldor in developing new, exciting concepts that continue to pave the way for improvements in the way we use internet today.

Throughout his career, Aldor has travelled extensively, visiting a number of countries throughout the way. Recently, he visited the United States, making stops in major cities like Miami and Los Angeles. He has also travelled to Switzerland the French Alps - amongst his favourite places. He also enjoys other exciting hobbies, like gaming, skiing and scuba diving.

Whilst Aldor’s specialty lies in the internet industry, he is also skilled in several other areas. He holds knowledge in IT, paralegal, entrepreneurship, finance and management. These skills combined have brought forth a number of unique opportunities for him to expand his portfolio. Today, he continues to explore new opportunities that will drive him toward further levels of success.