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Aldo Steccanella

San Bonifacio Verona Italy

well, I have devoted all my life to promote almost like an ambassador of Italy abroad , the beauty and delicacies of italian food and wines . I lived almost 25 yrs abroad, including, the U.K. the US west coast, , Germany , Spain and France with my beautiful English wife, Jennifer I have worked and lived while working in pretty much every corner of the world and sailed as they say the seven seas since I was 14 Got graduated very young and Italy then was tight on my feet, so I decided to move out, found out foreign women are a courious creatures, so I stayed most of the time out ot Italy to learn their colture and besides them to understand and felt in love with their country I currently speak 5 languages and dream to learn more I love animals, love nature , dream of an animal farm one day if I am rich to run it with my daughter, who like me she is crazy about animals. I now live back in Verona where I was borne some 8o yrs ago ( that's what they say about me when they get to read my brography , but I am less that 80 I can assure you, I still breeth well and got more enery to offer when it comes to travel abroad. I have done pretty much everything in the Hospitality / F&B; since almost 40yrs ago. started at the age of 12 (o ops now you know my age ) as: washer up sever, waiter, headwaiter, hotel concierge, hotel manager, restaurant manager, restaurant proprietor, Chef/ owner of an award winning Italian Restaurant , wine sales rep, wine buyer, wine consultant, sommelier in my military career aI also got time to spend 3 yrs in the Italian Police dept of MIlan ( those were the bloody years of the Italian terrorist periods WIne tutor, Caterig college teacher, university wine teacher WIne courses teachers Wine speakers both here and abroad

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    • Italian WIne ambassador
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    • Hotel school
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