A.H. Richards

London, Ontario, Canada

I began writing at the age of fifteen, often sitting up long after the rest of my family had gone to bed. (Not a good habit to have in high school, but I knew where my priorities were!).

I have ghost written a business book; written book, music and art reviews; web pages and encyclopedic articles. I performed even more thorough, disciplined and deadly-paced research and writing as an undergrad and graduate in English Language and Literature. Wrote a thesis on the spiritual and aesthetic core of the works of Henry Miller (you know, the Tropic of Cancer and 'sex' guy....).

I completed and published my first e-book "Kronos Duet," and continue to research for three books while writing another. This, I think, will be the pattern of my writing life. I have so many characters, plots, ideas and interests that, as Bob Dylan said, "I need a dump-truck to unload my head."

Other stuff:

Born in South Wales, not too far from Tom Jones's house. It rains there. A lot. Rheumy sheep come down from the mountains and trot around the streets making unearthly bleatings. I don't know what farms they come from: I have never ever seen a sheep farm in the mountains of South Wales. My theory is that the sheep sprout up from Hades - while Welsh fairies arrive through a myriad splits in time/space that exist all over Wales.

I now make my home in Wortley Village, outside London, Ontario. There are no hobbits here, but I'm sure they would enjoy visiting our coffee shops and ice cream shop. The people who live here know a Wortley-ite from an outsider - but we are tolerant of all people. You see, we live in one of those oases of kindness and community you find (rarely) on the American continent, and are glad to share our bounty, quietly.

My greatest loves: Nature; all living things, and especially cats; kindness; authenticity; passionate love; beauty that makes me ache inside. Oh, and writing. Goes without saying, almost.

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    • Writer, editor
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    • Graduate degrees, University of Western Ontario