Aldric Giacomoni

New York City

I am a second-degree black belt in isshinryu karate. I studied under Kyoshi Marilyn Fierro, 8th-degree black-belt, since 2004. Her lineage is Nick Adler - Don Nagle - Tatsuo Shimabuku. I have taught under her supervision for five years.

I teach classes in Isshinryu Karate in NYC. Contact me if you are interested in studying.

I've also studied other styles. Formally:

About five years of various styles of iaido under Sensei Art McConnell, including muso shinden, toyama, hasegawa and jigen

about a year of Ch'iang Shan Pa Kua Chang under Shifu Raymond Ahles

Overall, about three years of Isshin Kempo under Shifu Christopher Goedecke

Informally (playing time cannot be easily determined):

Xing Yi

Systema Ryabko

Bartitsu (I'm a member and assistant teacher of the Bartitsu Club of NYC)

To pay the rent, I'm a software developer. My favorite language is Ruby. I am an advocate and fervent user of XP practices, and have found that using agile methodologies is the best way to build software.

  • Education
    • Kyoshi Marilyn Fierro