Aldrich Tan

Seattle, WA

Branding and User Experience (UX) are like the peanut butter and jelly for my design sandwich; they
can be great on their own, but are best enjoyed together. For over five years I have been serving
these on a platter of unique brand identities, intuitive interfaces, and memorable experiences all over Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA. Exploration, experimentation, and constant reiteration are practices deeply integrated in my workflow to ensure the best possible outcome for any venture.

Various identity and logo projects of mine have been published in logo design books such as LogoLounge, iHeartLogos, and LogoNest. My works are featured in multiple online galleries like LogoMoose, LogoCrush, DesignWoop, and Cruzine.

I’m always open to new opportunities or just a good chat. Send me a hello! (