Shanta Wollstonecraft

Question: What are the chances of me 'winning' this car insurance claim ?

Yesterday i was leaving work , driving along a road , when a young girl ( 17/18 ) drove straight out of the car park on the left and hit my nsf wheel so hard it pushed my car 5ft across the road. She said she didn't even look to see if a car was coming. She has large scuff marks on the corner of her bumper, my car has a dented wing , wrecked wheel (which is no longer pointing straight ) . This girl is on her parents insurance. Her boyfriend was on his motorbike and said to me , he didn't believe she just did that , he saw it all. My insurance company says it seems straight forward - she was totally at fault, My car is not drive able. Husband ( mechanic ) seems to think i may need a new steering rack, wishbone maybe strutt , wing , alloy wheels ....they may write my car off as its value for insurance is 1200. Has anyone else experienced a similar accident or got any advice ?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from different companies: INSUREINFO.US