Hey yall! Welcome to my very first blog *crowd goes crazy*. No, but really though, welcome to my site. I know you're all wondering, who in the world is this woman. Well, my name is Aleaka, some call me Coop or Lea, but you all will know me as F.E.A.R. What/who is F.E.A.R you ask? F is for favored, E is for educated, A is for ambitious, and R is for real which are all things that describe me and how I plan to go about my life to reach all my goals and be as successful as I dream to be.

As, F.E.A.R I plan to become a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon (sports based), buuuuut being that goal does take some time to achieve I want to accomplish my short team goal, helping people (more so my generation/youth). Most people get into medicine or "help people" for the money or the gains they will have, NOT I. Since I was 5 I have wanted to be a doctor, and as I got older I began to get a firmer hold on what it is I truly wanted to do for the rest of my life. This dream was never to make me rich or famous, but simply because I love the medical field and I can't wait to help people and change lives in any way I can. Why Pediatric Orthopedic? To make a long story short I eat sleep and breathe sports and on top of that I am the queen of knee injuries. All of my friends can tell you, if it's not my knees it's my ankles or my wrist, but mainly my knees. With that being said, I had a surgeon who was clearly in the field of medicine for the wrong reasons. He didn't even care about me. Basically, I dislocated my patella (knee-cap) and was going to be out for the rest of soccer season (a sport I grew up playing) and instead of being sympathetic he says "call me back in here when you're done crying" and it went downhill from there, and PLEASE don't get me started on the physical therapist he gave me. Since then, I have vowed to be a better doctor than him and majority of the doctors in the medical field. I want to show the world that there are people who truly want to help the human race and not just see how much money can come out their pockets.

My purpose with this blog is just to let all my thoughts out, connect with people, and hopefully help change some lives through my posts or videos or advice or anything I can do to help anyone. I hope you guys will enjoy my posts, Feel free to let me know what you want to see or discuss and I will be more than happy to do it. After all, this blog really is all about yall! Can't wait to see where this goes!


Aleaka (F.E.A.R)