Aleasa Word

Consultant, Life Coach, and Public Speaker in Atlanta, Georgia

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Welcome! As an Certified Professional Life Coach and Personal Redevelopment Strategist with A. Word & Company, LLC, Mz. Word's specialty is utilizing Emotional Intelligence modeling in all aspects of coaching, consulting and training. Her Chapter II Living™ Program includes many subscales not limited to Chapter II for Men™, Interpersonal Skill Connections for Leaders, Diversity & Inclusion, Stress/Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Self-Restoration and her outreach program From Diagnosis to Living Again™ for those affected with life threatening food allergy and anaphylaxis.

She is a former Editor of The Good Men Project Magazine, Leadership Team Member for the Charter for Compassion's Compassionate Atlanta Div., a professional speaker and author of "Get Right for Love; The Muscle Guide to Relationship Readiness" on Amazon.Com .Her weekly blog "The Wordallogic" has been read by thousands worldwide and she contributes articles to many other sites as well.

Mz. Word's passion (and job) is to help others unleash their own power, moving beyond yesterday and starting their uniquely designed Chapter II. Together with her clients, she journeys to embrace individual humanness along with everything that accompanies it. She helps clients become top notch leaders, increase happiness, life balance, wealth and live authentically while growing interpersonal skills with colleagues and teams. Aleasa also provides professional development workshops on specialized diversity concerns.

The program for those affected by food allergy and anaphylaxis aims to help allergic persons and their caregivers reduce stress and create balance. Her company website is and links to social media sites are noted below.

Mz. Word's community outreach work includes a role as Director of the Food Allergic & Asthmatic Multicultural Society of Diversity (FAMSOD) an all volunteer organization and the Society of Emotional Intelligence (SoEI). FAMSOD provides support to families of those with life threatening food allergies and asthma through a multicultural lens; while SoEI is an association of practitioners of and those interested in Emotional Intelligence. She is also the founder of Compassion for Anaphylaxis (formerly Flowers for Anaphyalxis) a condolence program for families who have lost food allergic children to anaphylaxis. Through Compassion for Anaphylaxis, In 2014, Mz. Word founded Worldwide

  • Work
    • Chapter 2 Living by AWC
  • Education
    • Organizational Dynamics - Wilmington University
    • Professional Certified Coach - CTA, Vancouver, BC
    • Conflict Resolution - Wilmington University