Aleax Mejia

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Hi everyone! My name is Aleax Mejia and I'm currently finishing up my Junior year at Northern Illinois University. I'm studying Environmental Geosciences with an emphasis in geothermal energy. I have always sought to make an impact on my community and the future of it.

Past: Since I can remember I have always known that the power of teamwork can uplift the community. Through various activities growing up (Junior Varsity Cheer Squad, Local Volunteer Work, Event Coordination, Event Promotion, Louder Than a Bomb Program, Varsity Wrestling) I learned that I work best as a leader but also as an innovator. My number one innovation became the need that was prevalent in my community; sustainable practices by local factories that are polluting my community.

Present: In my free time I enjoy being an active member of Northern Illinois' Vegetarian Education Group (VEG), volunteering for the campus's United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and taking photos for Instagram that portray my random adventures around Chicago and beyond. During the summer, I also volunteer for my past internship locale at Elevarte Community Studio (located in Chicago).

Future: I have recently changed my career focus from 2-D Design to Geothermal Energy, however this does not change the likeness of my future goals: Changing the global perspective on real environmental issues. My dream is to intern for Iceland GeoSurvey, a non-profit located in the world's most prevalent user of geothermal energy. My ultimate dream is expand my future knowledge into something malleable and perspective-changing for business leaders in my community and around the world... Until then, I have yet to have write this chapter. Looking forward to my future chapters of a meaningful life, and please feel free to reach out with any link I have provided below!

  • Work
    • Elevarte Community Studio
  • Education
    • Northern Illinois
    • Social Justice High School