Alec Hill

Roboticist, Technologist, and Developer in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Alec Hill

Roboticist, Technologist, and Developer in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hopeful optimist. Thinker extraordinaire.

Problem acknowledger. Solution seeker.

World citizen. 100lb weight loss survivor.

Farm raised. Connection maker.

Amateur auto mechanic. Handy repairman.

Interpersonal Yoda. I get lucky. A lot.

One foot in technical. One foot in creative.

Processes have their place, but so does original thought.

ENTP. Learning PHP, Python, Machine Learning Technologies.

I've worked at multiple corporations with missions, but missions that have been so drowned out by hitting metrics or making the books look good by the end of the quarter that they're barely audible when working day-to-day. I've learned that's not how I function or how businesses should function. True leadership reiterates mission daily, includes the team in decisions, and is part of the team rather than above it.

I am one of those people you meet with a twinkle in their eye and a spring in their step. The type of person that you just know has something special going on.

Passionate about new technologies and processes that bring people together to live and learn in a more constructive and enjoyable manner. Whether it's the experience that a product provides a customer, or the flow (or lack thereof) of drive and passion, I'm tuned into it.

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  • Work
    • Stang Decision Systems
  • Education
    • Graduate Mathematics Student
    • B.S. Mathematics
    • Political Science Minor