Alecia Hoobing

People say to give a task you want done well to a busy person. I am that person. As a mother of two young children with careers as a freelance writer and a project manager at a high-tech company, I have a desire to do it all and have fun while doing it. I enjoy writing about parenting young children as well as how to juggle life as a working parent as these are topics so many parents struggle with. With an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a High-Tech MBA, I have an ability to understand complex technical and business topics and translate them into articles understandable to someone less versed in these areas. Running and exercise are important activities in my life and I have completed a 50K ultra race, two Half Ironmans, seven marathons and hundreds of other running races and triathlons. I enjoy writing about training, fitness and encouraging people to be healthy and stay in shape. Together with my husband and family, I love to travel and sail. I have lived in Shanghai, China and Guadalajara, Mexico and have traveled to more than 20 countries. I speak conversational Spanish and basic Mandarin. I am also becoming pretty good at traveling with young children and recently took two children under two-and-a-half years of age to Europe for ten days. My philosophy is that life is an adventure that I choose to live to its fullest. I write about these adventures regularly in my blog and in other blogs and magazines.