Alec Lightwood

Alec Lightwood

My internal ID (this is me and no one else is me, if you think you are me or one of your friends thinks they are me please don't follow)

-Hungary from Axis Powers Hetalia


Main (please don't follow)

-Alec Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments

-Umi from Love Live

-Will Herondale from The Inferbal Devices

-Deidara from Naruto


Primary (still no please):

-Marco Bott from Attack on Titan


Secondary (please follow!!)

-Kiba from Naruto

-Envy from Fullmetal Alechemist


Synpaths (FOLLOW AWAY)

-Lyon from Fairy Tail

-Kakashi from Naruto


Non-kin tags/favorites (you don't have to tag me as these characters especially if you know someone who is kin with them I just enjoy being tagged as them 😊)

-Poland from Axis Powers Hetalia

-Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments

-Mystogan from Fairy Tail

-Elphaba from Wicked

-Denmark from Axis Powers Hetalia


I'm catkin!!!! Tag me as any domestic house cat!!!


My friends Kin

-Finland, Austria, 2p!Engalnd and Seychelles from Axis Powers Hetalia

-Honoka, Maki, Hanayo, and Rin from Live Live

-Cat Valentine from Victorius

-Heather McNamara from Hethers

-Glinda from Wicked

-Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments

Pleas don't follow if you are kin with any of these characters I've already met them i'm sorry