Alec Rutger Poruba

innovator, visionary, and CEO in Fredrikstad, Norge

Alec Rutger Poruba

innovator, visionary, and CEO in Fredrikstad, Norge

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CEO of Creatrix Gameworks
Chairman of RUTGER

Started first business at 14
Founded first company at 18
Got first investment at 19
- Dropped out of college -
Still building companies at 22

My name is Alec Rutger Poruba and I am a dreamer and a visionary.
With too many ideas and too much passion, my work has become my lifestyle, and it’s so fun and important that I would rather not do anything else than to “work” 24/7.

I have started several companies during the last 3 years and have gained alot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and business developement. I have learned that the idea is not that valuable, but rather the right team to realize it, is more important. After several “failures” I have ended up working with the companies I own today, and more to soon be released. Currently I work as CIO of RUTGER and CEO of Creatrix Gameworks, which I have both co-founded.

Other than working I like to hang out with friends, exploring the world, explore the meaning of life and invest in my own personal developement. After 3 years of continues working, I plan to travel the world as I operate RUTGER from my laptop next year, to take some time to see this beautiful planet before I move back to Oslo next autumn to start on a new project with Creatrix.

My passion is to create new innovative ideas and to contribute to humanity’s spiritual and technological evolution.

I love adventures, food, adrenal kicks, animals, and living in the present.
My interest are Technology, IT, quantum physics, science, economy, history, gold & diamonds.

  • Work
    • Creatrix Gameworks RUTGER
  • Education
    • BI Norwegian Business School