Alec Shklyar

Charlottesville, Virginia

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Alec initially studied economics, international relations, and Russian at Tufts University in the greater Boston area. He then transferred to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, where he will graduate with specialties in economics, government, and the Russian language in 2017. Because he continually combines his international studies with his focus on finance, Alec is gaining a global economic perspective which will allow him to reach greater heights in his career down the line.

Ever since he bought his first stock in a biotechnology company back in high school, Alec Shklyar knew that finance was the career for him. Since then he's become a stakeholder in a few major companies and pursued economics as a student at the University of Virginia, where he also focuses on government studies and the Russian language.

While preparing for an internship at Main Street Renewal last summer, Alec realized he was especially interested in the financial side of real estate. Since then he has taught himself and had on-site experience in the process of investing in homes, fixing them up and leasing them to families, thereby improving the value of the surrounding area and increasing its desirability to other potential buyers.

Although Alec is still currently expanding his knowledge in the financial sector, he hopes to begin his professional career in real estate.

Alec is an avid tennis player who also used to play football in high school. He enjoys participating in team sports as well as sports that allow him to perform alone.

He is also a big Green Bay Packers fan for as long as he can remember, Alec grew up watching games with his mother, whose entire extended family still lives in Wisconsin to this day. One of Alec’s fondest memories is when he watched the Packers win the Super Bowl in 2010, and he continues to watch every game faithfully.

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