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Alec Thein

Alec Thein

A time traveling music producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Alec Thein dedicates his life to making things like music, games, and films, to change, and positively affect people's lives.

Some might think I'm crazy, but I try to pack my life full of things everyday, whether it be producing an art filled musical track, playing video games, watching art-house films, or doing something non-productive with my friends, I aim to make my life as busy as possible.

My obsession of the Dark Souls games have become a big part of my life. I mold a lot of my creative work on all of those games. If you have not played them before, they give you an enormous feeling a loneliness, with a hint of hope, hope that gives the player enough courage to continue. This is the exact feeling I would like to give the people that enjoy my "art".

I believe someday, I will make an impact on the entire world, well, at least the entertainment business, but I hope it can be more than that. I wish to make people think; to inspire and to influence, and show people what true emotion is.

I do not believe in being satisfied, especially being the perfectionist that I am. I will never ever be satisfied with myself, until I change the world in some way.

People often question my sanity, and I can perfectly understand why...