Alectronic Scale Systems INC.

Ontario, Canada

Our roots are planted in the principles of quality customer service, knowledgeable staff and reasonable response time to your weighing emergencies. As an establish scale company centrally located in Southern Ontario serving the southern , and south western Ontario region since 1991. We are a ISO/IEC 17025 and 9002 registered company with Weights and Measures Canada accreditation.

Within our company we have factory trained technicians with an average of 20 years of working on various models, types of scales and scale related electronics. Should your scale need structural work our fabricating specialist are up to the task to do the work on or off site.

The mission of Alectronic Scale Systems Inc. is to be a leading supplier of Calibration and Certification Services while maintaining a creative and continuously improving work environment.

Measurement Canada Inspections Overview

Measurement Canada and its authorized service providers inspect all measuring devices intended for use in trade. Inspections are performed before a device is first used in trade, and periodically during its lifetime, to ensure consumer and business confidence in the fairness and accuracy of measurement-based transactions.

Inspections are part of a thorough process of measuring device evaluation, approval, and monitoring.The inspection process begins with initial verification of measuring devices that have received Measurement Canada approval. Verification is performed by Measurement Canada inspectors or Authorized Service Providers upon installation of the device and prior to its first use in trade, although certain types can be verified at the factory.