Alejandra Gómez Cipriano

Tuxtla Gutierrez

Alejandra Gómez Cipriano

Tuxtla Gutierrez

Hi! My name is Alejandra Gomez Cipriano, I'm 19 years. I'm Mexican. I was born on September 14 in 1995 in the capital of Chiapas. I have lived always in the sameplace. At the present I study in Chiapas Polytechnic University in first quarter.

My parents are Cesar A. Gomez Lazos and Flor de Ma. Cipriano Morales, my sister is Ma.Fernanda Gomez Cipriano and finally my pet "The Colocho". My mother is housewife and my father is Engineer, my sister is school student. I think that my family is very friendly and crazy.

I often sleep and listen to music in my free time.

I love dance with my friends and talk with my best friend,Damaris. My worst fear is the cockroaches. I love playing the violyn. Sometimes I like to take care babies

My favorite band is the black eyed peas I LOVE IT! Fergie's voice is Amazing! and my favorite movie is "Madagascar" too love the weekends because I go to the church and see my friends. The school is funny and exhausted but is very important in my life.

My favorite phrase is.. In dreams and in the love there are no imposibilities.

The most important experiencies in my life is....

*I started kinder in 1998 and i broke my head.

*I met my best friend in the 2008

*My uncles were married

*I went of vacation with my friends to Cancún

*I graduated from high school

This is a bit of my life.... <3

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