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Alessandra Ferreira

London, United Kingdom.

My passion is working with technology-supported social media trends. I enjoy all aspects of consumer-driven online advertising, especially campaigning, planning, and brand marketing using new and unusual means of communication. I am able to immediately transfer new knowledge acquired, putting it into practice to help with new paths of communication.

At Google as a Digital Strategist I have to be on top of best practices and creative ways of using our platform in social media spaces and to integrate digitally our client’s brands to the new media and its users expectations. My background before Google includes agency planning and brand marketing.

Want to talk to me? Email me at: social [ @ ]

Specialties: Social Media, Internet, Technology, Communication, Online, unusual communication style, planning, strategy, HCI, UX, Research

  • Education
    • Ucl
    • Universidade Metodista De São Paulo