Mónica Alegria-Johnsen

My name is Monica Alegria-Johnsen and I’m a graphic design student. I have a journal/blog so I can reflect on my schoolwork. See it here: alegriajohnsen.com

Background: I’ve always loved to be creative. Just organizing and putting stuff together to make them appear different, has always been fascinating to me. I took art in high-school and I loved it. Somewhere along the way, despite of that I knew that I loved to be creative, I didn’t know how I could develop that further. What happened was, when I finished school I just took jobs to get paid. I didn’t think about continuing school and get a career. Honestly don’t know why.

For years I had jobs that I didn’t want, and some of them I hated. One day I had enough and I knew that I had to make a change. Especially after becoming a mother I needed to get an education to finally get the dream job I wanted. Now I know that graphic design is what I want to do, and I can’t wait to find out how this journey is going to be.

As for right now I’m taking two years of graphic design and afterwards I hope I will be able to take three years of bachelor.

In the future I hope I will work for a big firm, maybe making web design or working for a magazine. Maybe being in advertising. I really don’t know because it’s too much to choose from, and I still have time to decide :-)

On this website I’m going to show you my schoolwork and I hope you will like it. Just remember…… I’m still an amateur ;-)