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Carlos (Ale) Haak

Vancouver, British Columbia

Hi! I'm Carlos, but call me Alê. (shorten for Alexandre, my second name, not the beer.)

I am a 6 year experienced business analyst at the banking industry that worked as lead on many big projects including the ALM implementation on the second biggest financial institution on latin america. My undergraduate is a mix of mechatronic engineering, IT and System Analysis & Development.

Although I was doing very well and growing really fast my heart lies somewhere. Since I was 2 years old I started playing video games and since that day I never stopped, not even a single day. That's the industry that I follow, that's the content that I consume and that I want to work with.That's also why I completely changed my life 2 years ago leaving the banking and studying my first post graduation in Game Production and Development and my second in Entertainment Business Management in Vancouver, where I fell in love with and don't want to leave anymore !Since last year I've been working in many projects that you can check below on my profile like short movies, youtube series, game community and so on... You can find me pretty much anywhere online (Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Steam, Origin, Vimeo, Imdb,, Google, Skype... etc.) by looking for @alehaak

Feel free to contact me, I'm always looking for new opportunities!

  • Work
    • Global Beta Test Network
  • Education
    • British Columbia Institute of Technology
    • Vancouver Film School
    • SENAC
    • Brazilian Institute of Advanced Technology