Alejandra Linares Hidalgo

Also known as Alehfred.
Illustrator, animator, dreamer, writer, reader, optimistic,
and I'm so in love with my name. Alejandra means
"Protector of Mankind", it's a name of Greek origin and
in spanish it also means "winner", those who have this
name have a great fighting spirit; and that's just how I am.
I was born in Peru, I'm living in Chile, I want to go to United States, I want to
visit Greece but I love Germany. So yes, I'm a traveler frustrated but I know
someday I'll accomplish it. Because if you want it, you can do it, and as
someone once said "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read
only a page".

I love winter, because when it's cold, people becomes closer. I love storms,
because you can let your dog sleep with you. There's just one more thing I would like to say... SAVE THE WHALES!