aReida Mathers

aReida Mathers

Ok soo Im gonna keep this short,...
EMINEM. Xbox. Legend of Zelda. Zombies. Smileys.(: Anthony Padilla. Ian Hecox. Charlie. Smosh. Shane Dawson. Nigahiga. Twitter. The Office. JIM CARREY. Wristbands. Music. Eminem.(;

MY BEST BUDDIES: Daniela. Dolores. Marvin. Alonzo. Brad. Alex. Manny. Marco, Jose JORDY! Samantha. Madison. Hiram, Kristal, Ernesto, Wanna know more? well just talk to mee!(:

<3 OHH ONE LAST THING.... I LOVE EMINEM! ^-^ hehehe well yeah I do <333

My status: Single-.- 'cause the guy I like just doesn't seem to want me, he chooses some other -__-

Joshua is my best friend,(;

"Love is just a word, you bring it definition." -Eminem

My favorite songs:

MUST BE THE GANJA. Hello. Same Song and Dance. In The End. Hot Dog. Mockingbird. When I'm Gone. Forgot About Dre. My Band. Stan. Not Afraid. Basically all Eminem songs,c;

OH! I loooooooooovvveeeeee HOODIE ALLEN! <3333

Tighten Up. C.R.A.V.E. Chase Is On. Hold Me Down. You're Not A Robot. Moon Bounce. Words of Wisdom. And basically all of Hoodie Allen's songs too! :P

I PLAY XBOX! 2nd PRESTIGE BITCH!!! >;D not that good but I mean good for a girl my age, that hardly plays since school started-.-


I am going to marry William Sherman,[;

That's all for now,