Artist, Filmmaker, and Actor in Los Angeles, California

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Aleister Eaves is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist examining self-portraiture through the principles of Kintsugi. Eaves illuminates imperfection to reveal its deeper truth, evoking an immediate visceral response that forces the viewer into engagement through submission.

The artist enacts playfully dark explorations of gender, sexuality, violence, and death, to find unconventional comfort in physicalized states of staged (and thus controlled) cognitive dissonance—reclaiming power in the active performance of memories and involuntary “ugly” reactions to external stimuli.

Working primarily with photography, photomontage, poetry, and music, Eaves is perpetually piecing together contrasting fragments of a shattered world into a beautiful, macabre form, oftentimes blurring the lines between mediums to create multi-faceted works that must be experienced with various senses simultaneously.