Aleix Prats Ferrer

I am a theoretical and mathematical physicist.

I have been doing research for the past 10 years in Barcelona, Paris and finally in Montreal where I produced several excellent peer reviewed results as well as taught mathematics at Concordia University and created and supervised a research project for an undergraduate student at Montreal University.

I love to face interesting problems, take them apart, analyze them and find solutions. I think that every problem has a solution and every solution can be improved. All that marries well with my passion to learn about new subjects, techniques and technologies.

I am looking for a job that will exploit my skill, provide me with intellectual challenges and, at the same time, will allow me to keep evolving and improving my skills as well as developing new ones.

In the past I have occupied my spare time playing soccer, practicing rowing, playing some theater, doing photography and singing in a choir, right now I like to teach, choreograph, and social dance swing dances, and of course play jazz on the upright bass.